Data Analytics

1 de February de 2023

What is HDFS and what is its impact on business?

Choosing a artificial intelligence provider for analytics projects, dynamic pricing, demand forecasting is, without a doubt, a process that should be on the table of every manager in the industry. Therefore, in case you are considering to speed up the process, an exit and the hiring of companies specialized in the subject.
24 de November de 2021

AI and Analytics strategic planning: concepts and impacts

The benefits and positive impacts of the use of data and, above all, artificial intelligence are already a reality in the Brazilian Industry. These benefits are […]
23 de March de 2016

How Titanic passengers are segmented by Vorteris Big Data?

To demonstrate how Vorteris works, I selected a well-known dataset with information about the passengers who embarked on Titanic. Despite the tragic event, this dataset is fairly rich in details […]
2 de June de 2015

14 sectors for applying Big Data and their input datasets

Hello folks,  In the vast majority of talks with clients and prospects about Big Data, we soon realized an astonishing gap between the business itself and the expectations of Data […]