Sales Logistics and Forecast

20 de May de 2022

AI in Retail: Applications in the Industry 4.0 Market

Currently, we experience the technological advances present in the industries, directly impacting the processes of construction, development, and delivery of products to the consumer. Market competitiveness […]
13 de September de 2021

Dynamic Pricing in the Private Education Business

Introduction  The pricing process is a strategic business activity that requires continuous analysis and information sharing between departments in order to be assertive and financially beneficial. […]
3 de August de 2021

Dynamic Pricing: definition and benefits

Dynamic pricing, also called smart pricing, price optimization, pricing customization, pricing recommendation, or strategic pricing, is a relevant point in strategic planning of companies which has […]
12 de March de 2021

AI for demand forecasting in the food industry

The concept of a balance point between supply and demand is used to explain various situations in our daily lives, from bread in the neighborhood bakery, […]