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20 de September de 2023

Migration of Cloudera Hadoop Data Lake to Open Source Hadoop: Challenges and Benefits

An important development in recent years was the merger of the companies Cloudera and Hortonworks, which together have a capital of over $5.2 billion (Cloudera and […]
1 de March de 2023

Monolith vs Microservices: Understanding the Pros and Cons of each Approach

When it comes to designing and building software applications, there are several different architectural approaches that developers can take. Two of the most popular and widely […]
1 de February de 2023

What is HDFS and what is its impact on business?

Choosing a artificial intelligence provider for analytics projects, dynamic pricing, demand forecasting is, without a doubt, a process that should be on the table of every manager in the industry. Therefore, in case you are considering to speed up the process, an exit and the hiring of companies specialized in the subject.