Aquarela is a Big Data company located in Florianópolis, the capital of Santa Catarina state (Brazil). Its focus is to transform “Data” into “Predictive Information” for medium and large organizations in public and private sectors.

Aquarela’s main product, VORTX Big Data, is a SaaS tool that facilitates predictive insights and the discovery of business scenarios to be maximised or minimised, for example: maintenance scenarios, loss scenarios or disease scenarios, risky groups and other management challenges where various factors (variables) influence the result. In addition, VORTX is able to make the ranking of the weights of influence of each factor in relation to each scenario found.

Aquarela have helped companies and governments, from health to entertainment in Brazil, receiving several awards and winning various innovation competitions across the country, among them, there are: InovativaBrasil (MCTI) and PitchGovSP (Government of the State of São Paulo). Abroad Aquarela was selected by UKChapter program (UK) and the APEX-Catalyzer program for presentation in Silicon Valley in September 2016.

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Optimize organizations through computational intelligence (Big Data / Machine Learning).


  • Ethics.
  • Valuing people.
  • Collaboration with synergy.
  • Fit the pieces.
  • Conscious renovation.
  • Materialize dreams.
  • Valuing results.


12 - Sala mondrian

The book that was being written by the founders during their master thesis research in Brazil and in The Netherlands became the company Aquarela Inovação Tecnológica do Brasil (Aquarela Technological Innovation of Brazil).

Design DrinkingAquarela is the Portuguese word for the watercolor drawing style that uses water to gather pigments of different colors to outline and materialize the thought of the artist in various forms of compositions. For us, Watercolor is the need to interpret the technological development as an artistic / cultural work that reflects what is most beautiful in Brazilian culture. For us, Watercolor as Aquarela portrays what is the most beautiful in the Brazilian culture by means of technological development, which is the result of continuous artistic and cultural works and influences. The inspiration of the name comes from the widely known rhythm and lyrics of “Aquarela do Brasil” written by Ary Barroso (1939) and “Watercolor”, Toquinho (1982), which, in turn, leads people to travel the universe of creation starting up with one simple piece of paper and a pencil.

Placa AquarelaFrom the early stages of the company, the idea was to create something that could convey, in a profound and integrative way the Brazilian culture with art, science and technology. The result would be an organization in which the Brazilians could become proud of and able to present it to the world. Also it could serve as an inspiration for a whole new generation of Brazilian technology entrepreneurs.

The colors of the brand “Aquarela” represent the diversity and creativity of Brazil. The letter “R” in orange is a tribute to the influence of pragmatic and internationalized thinking of the Netherlands, which was a country that supported part of our scientific research.

 Studio AquarelaThe first official step of the company took place on December 14th, 2010 in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina. The first studio was decorated influenced by Mondrian style. In January 2014 the studio moved to the Attic of the building so called Multicenter in the neighborhood of Itacorubi. The new studio was named “The room of the strings.” For more information about the evolution of Aquarela follow us on:

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We look for those who don’t feel comfortable with the world’s status-quo, those who go beyond the frontiers of what is possible, those who fix things, which are not even broken. We seek people who are capable of transforming dreams into reality with their own hands and soul. If you identify yourself with the above words, please let us know that we are not alone acting in this way. Get started here to join us on our journey.

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