VORTX Big Data

The VORTX API is a powerful processing solution (beyond BI) developed by Aquarela for market segmentation and business resources optimisation. It makes possible to identify (based on data behaviour) who are your main targeted customers and the degree of relevance of each segment, detecting and anticipating new business opportunities or/and frauds based on consumer behaviour patterns.


  • Increase of customer’s profitability
  • Increase user’s conversion rate (more sales)
  • Optimization of resources invested in marketing
  • Optimization of operating resources
  • Discovery of patterns and blind spots management (insight generation)
  • Data-driven discovery of new business opportunities
  • Automatic profiling finding out who are your main customers, voters, employees and others)

For whom?

  • Organisations with large data sets in areas such as (healthcare, security, education, social networks and others)
  • Organisations that reached the limits of traditional BI analysis
  • Marketing departments focused on bringing tangible commercial results

How do we do it?

  • We study your information context, tools and strategies
  • Apply our own algorithms for recommendation and prediction
  • Extract the optimal market segmentation based on the behaviour of your customers, voters, employees and others
  • Develop customised tools of Big Data (Beyond BI)
  • We work alongside your marketing department to follow the evolution the accomplishments of each project milestones.

More information?

Visit its official website – www.vortx.io or

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