Big Data Services

New skills and techniques became seriously needed to support the challenges driven by the concepts of Big Data and innovative technologies. When it comes to innovation, Aquarela is always looking forward to be one step ahead, consolidating its portfolio of specialised services for various Big Data scenarios.

Currently Aquarela offers:

Big Data training

Aquarela’s training sessions aim to disseminate knowledge about key concepts, techniques and technologies applied in Big Data. The goal is to transfer useful and rare knowledge to allow organisations and professionals to effectively apply Big Data in real cases scenarios. Furthermore, it is an excellent opportunity to interact with other professionals and discover new ways of extracting value out of your data.

Big Data preparation

This service is focused on the construction of Big Data environments from the technical and methodological point of view, which involves the tasks of problem definition, data preparation until data processing. Organisation can benefit by shortening the time spent with their Big Data projects, get insightful recommendations of experienced professionals and get enough help to get autonomy to carry out other Big Data projects inside the organisation.

Big Data Consultancy

Consultancies in Big Data can be hired by companies that hold valuable data and want to extract value of this intangible asset. In this case Aquarela provides data scientists with expertise in data analysis and tools that to identify where and how to get the most value from the available data.

The service  covers:

  • O problem definition;
  • Definition of questions based on the datasets (analysis model);
  • Dataset preparation and iterative processing (open source and Aquarela’s tools);
  • Data analysis and development of the final report, with recommendations, data model and result analysis.

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