Human Resources Optimised with Advanced Analytics

Dear friends, Today we are going to present some insights related to employee’s working the satisfaction using Advanced Analytics tools and techniques. As a source for this study, we make use of the data made available on this link by the data

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Big Data Scenario Discovery, why is it super useful for decision making?

Hi everyone, in today’s demonstration, we are going to show you how Big Data Scenario Discovery can help decision making in a profound way in various sectors. We use AQUARELA VORTX Big Data, which is a tool that is a

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How VORTX Big Data organises the world?

Hello everyone, The objective of this post is to show you what happens when we give several numbers to a machine (VORTX Big Data) and it finds out by itself how the countries should be organized into different boxes. This technique

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How Titanic passengers are segmented by VORTX Big Data?

To demonstrate how VORTX works, I selected a well-known dataset with information about the passengers who embarked on Titanic. Despite the tragic event, this dataset is fairly rich in details and has been widely used in Machine Learning communities since it allows the application

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How can Big Data clustering strategy help business?

Hello folks, To clarify the concept of clustering, which is a reoccurring theme in machine learning area (machine learning), we made a video tutorial that demonstrates a clustering problem that we can solve visually, then with finalize with a real

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Understanding a Pre-Big Data project (Infographic)

Hello everyone, Based on our experience, on the degree of innovation and the complexity of Big Data projects, we created an infographic that explains in intuitive way the initial steps towards the implementation of a successful Big Data project. In

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Linked Data in practice – Guest lecture at The Developers Conference

Hi Folks, In this post, we prepared a video about Linked Data, its concepts and cases. The presentation took place at The Developers Conference in Florianopolis – Santa Catarina – Brazil. The video discuss the following topics: What is Linked

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14 sectors for applying Big Data and their input datasets

Hello folks,  In the vast majority of talks with clients and prospects about Big Data, we soon realized an astonishing gap between the business itself and the expectations of Big Data projects outcomes. Therefore, we carried out a research to respond the following questions:  What are

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7 characteristics to differentiate BI, Data Mining and Big Data

Hi everybody One of the most frequent questions in our day-to-day work at Aquarela is related to a common misconception of the concepts Business Intelligence (BI), Data Mining, and Big Data. Since all of them deal with exploratory data analysis,

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What is Web 3.0 and why it is so important for business?

Greetings to all! Day after day, the amount of data and information as we discussed in the last post available on the internet grows exponentially, new sites, new images are coming up every second. With this huge set of data,

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